About Nova Dispensary

As medical marijuana patients themselves, the co-founders' vision for Nova is to help address the many frustrations seen by patients statewide. Our mission at Nova is to provide a comfortable and professional environment in which to learn about cannabis and the products that best meet your needs.

We understand every patient is different and strive to provide great service as well as great products to patients across the valley. We are never afraid to answer questions, and openly share the information you need as a patient to make decisions and find products that help you the most.

Our Mission is to Provide Quality in Everything We Do.

Quality Medicine

Quality Products

At Nova, we go above and beyond state regulations to provide our patients with reasonably-priced quality products that have verified test results. Nova’s management has personally vetted our suppliers to ensure that our products are always top-tier and safe to consume. From banning cutting agents such as PG, PEG, and VG in our vape pens, to only working with growers who use organic inputs, Nova is adding an “extra layer of protection” between you and your medicine.



The trusted Patient Advisors at Nova are knowledgeable about cannabis and are here to help! Our on-staff physician Dr. Alan Citrin is available to answer any questions specific to cannabis and your ailment. We support research-based missions and will continue to stay informed of developments in cannabis medicine, regulatory changes, and the products that could potentially benefit our patients.

Clean Medicine


Consistent dosing and potency is a key factor in effective medication, and Nova selects only products from reputable companies who have proven to test consistently and provide the information needed by our patients for their wellbeing. Don’t “write off” the medical benefits of a strain because it was produced incorrectly! Additives, pesticides, and sprayed chemicals can have adverse and sometimes harmful effects, and until you try “clean” medicine it is oftentimes difficult to pinpoint what works.

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